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GBE Practice Mission - IFSC

Treasure hunt around the top of the IFSC, as practice for the full GBE Treasure Hunt
Author: GBE
Language: English

High Score

Rank Name Score Last played
1 mh 197 31. August 2011
2 mosqito 189 08. September 2011
3 Gary 3 07. September 2011
Name Category Difficulty
CCTV Other Easy
You Shall Not Pass! Other Easy
Ursine Monument Normal
Sail away, sail away... Monument Normal
View: Custom Liberty Place Easy
"..., it's Aer Lingus..." Building Easy
Machinery Other Difficult
A to B Building Easy
Decahedral Bipyramid Monument Difficult
Back door Place Difficult
Decorative Place Difficult
Clocked it yet? Building Very easy
Go postal? Other Normal
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