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GBE Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt around Dublin south city centre
Author: GBE
Language: English

High Score

Rank Name Score Last played
1 Crawhawks 689 09. September 2011
2 Bloodraynes 636 08. September 2011
3 Ravenblacks 294 08. September 2011
4 Coldbanes 7 08. September 2011
Name Category Difficulty
Office View Monument Easy
Nice mussels, missus! Monument Easy
11-D-1 Building Easy
In court, nothing legal though Building Normal
BOInkers Building Easy
Stony faced Monument Easy
Lordy, Lordy, Lordy! Monument Easy
Honour Monument Difficult
A bit gay Building Easy
Mercy Building Difficult
Arcade Place Easy
One, two.. Monument Easy
Mural Building Easy
View: Inspiring Place Easy
Literary Boozer Building Easy
Rubbish clue Place Easy
View: Delerious Other Normal
World Citizen Monument Normal
View: Not often in daylight Other Normal
Tourist Attraction Restaurant Easy
Sign Other Easy
Grafton St Other Easy
Guards Building Normal
Tower Building Easy
Nuzum Building Normal
Bridge Place Difficult
1916 Building Easy
Rossa Monument Easy
Cross Monument Easy
Depts Building Easy
Library Building Normal
Wilde Building Easy
Head Building Normal
Bridge Other Difficult
Then and Now - Bono Place Difficult
Then and Now - busy Place Difficult
Then and Now - Vogue Place Difficult
Then and Now - Obama Place Normal
Royal no more Building Normal
Then and Now - stout Building Normal
Pub Place Very difficult
Not Terry Raymond IV Monument Very difficult
Don't mention the war! Monument Very difficult
Youtube 1 Shop Easy
Youtube 2 Building Normal
Nice pint Other Easy
View: Georgian Half Mile Building Difficult
Tá telefon ar fáil anseo Building Normal
Bring Out Your Dead Monument Normal
The Most Reverend Monument Difficult
Duck, You Sucker! Building Very difficult
Where Royalty and Magic Rub Shoulders Building Difficult
Våre venner i nord Building Normal
Old clothes: yes, PacMan: no Building Normal
Bridging finance Other Normal
Post-mass Coffee? Building Very difficult
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