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Kein Goethe

In Weimar dreht sich vieles um Goethe. Nicht so in dieser Mission! Willkommen in einem Goethe-freien Weimar.
Author: Richard
Language: Deutsch

High Score

Rank Name Score Last played
1 wymstudi 440 01. January 2017
2 ikypiky 124 20. December 2016
3 vepi 97 27. October 2017
4 Fiona91 4 19. December 2016
5 Goethe -4 30. May 2012
Name Category Difficulty
Tangram Building Very difficult
Endlich Pause Leisure Very difficult
giardino Restaurant Difficult
Achtung, Kreuzung! Place Difficult
Er Building Normal
Mein lieber ... Monument Difficult
Der Plan der Frauen - Der Frauen Plan Monument Normal
Graffiti Place Difficult
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