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Schilderwald at HAU

The German term Schilderwald means "Forest of Signs". You use it when there are lots of signs and not all of them make sense or are even contradicting themselves. In this mission you need to find a few close to HAU2. The mission was created during YOU ARE GO 2011 to get players accustomed to the game so they can start their own missions
Author: totem
Language: English

High Score

Rank Name Score Last played
1 AngelaMerkel 64 19. June 2011
2 Giana 63 19. June 2011
3 Sonic 63 19. June 2011
4 Kleopatra 22 19. June 2011
Name Category Difficulty
No water Other Easy
Mail security Other Normal
Hide the fire Other Easy
Worlcup is over Other Normal
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