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You are HAU!

Some items near the HAU2 have been dislocated. Tidy up this area by picking them up and bringing them back to their proper places. There is no prescribed sequence, no need to hurry. Play at your own pace. - This Tidy City mission was created for the "You Are Go!" International Street Games Festival in Berlin. Everything is reachable by foot from the Hebbel Theatre at the Hallesches Ufer. Mission Design: Michael Straeubig. Thanks to Uli Schuster for his help and his knowledge of Berlin.
Author: i3games
Language: English

High Score

Rank Name Score Last played
1 Moorhuhn 76 19. June 2011
Name Category Difficulty
Walk on Road, hm? Building Difficult
1, 2 oder 3? Building Normal
Irene on Speed Monument Normal
This Hitchhiker was not for Hitchhikers Building Easy
Signals! Need catch signals! Building Difficult
Tired? Place Difficult
Friends, are we? Building Easy
Come and Go (NSFW) Monument Normal
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