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Where is the bike? MOOC #6

The Velocrat is dashed to the ground. After a majestic ride with having some fun in the city by ignoring red lights and traffic rules he finds himself on an empty square without his bike. Last thing he remembers was that silly dream where his archenemy Petro Ramsauto hit him from the bike with his SUV in a pedestrian zone. Laying on the ground Petro forced him to pay a velo toll for all bike lanes and streets in town. Then he branded him as a warrior biker by giving him a silly cap, a beard and hipster pants. Totally helpless he needs you to retrieve his bike.
Author: velocrat
Language: English

High Score

There are no High Scores for this mission yet.

Name Category Difficulty
Part 1 Place Normal
Part 2 Monument Normal
Part 3 Monument Normal
Part 4 Monument Normal
Part 5 Monument Normal
Part 6 Place Normal
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