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Be active. Be creative. Be a TidyCitizen.

The city becomes your playground!

Tidy City is a location-based game for Android phones that is played outdoors. In the game you have to solve riddles about your surroundings that will change your perception of the city. You might explore places you never now existed, you might learn something, but most of all, it will be fun!
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Recent Games

DMan71 played the mission North-Westish Uithof in Utrecht and scored 1 points

mark played the mission Cambridge Homerton College Mission in Cambridge and scored 2 points

jens played the mission Campus Birlinghoven - Deutsch in Sankt Augustin and scored 152 points

Create your own missions!

As the riddles in Tidy City are directly tied to the city the game takes place in, each city needs their own missions for the players to engage in. This website enables you to create new sets of riddles easily.

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We have also created a tool for Android phones that supports you in creating new missions. Anywhere you are, you can take pictures and notes which you can then upload to the server and use in your missions.
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Newest Missions

lordMessiah created the mission Equipe Safari for Fortaleza

stinscha created the mission GeoScrabble Hohenheim for Stuttgart

Kruemelmonster created the mission Dem Weizenmehl auf der Spur for Ludwigsburg

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